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5f-aeb-2201 For Sale Online, in recent years, various synthetic cannabinoids (e.g., JWH-018, UR-144, AKB48, etc.) laced on plant material have been encountered by law enforcement and are smoked for their psychoactive effects. In response to Federal control of these synthetic cannabinoids, a transition to new synthetic cannabinoids laced on plant material has been observed. 5F-AEB is a synthetic cannabinoid recently encountered on the designer drug market and has been found laced on plant material and marketed under the guise of herbal incense products. .  Legal cannabinoids drug profile.

Illicit Uses

5F-AEB has been encountered in numerous synthetic cannabinoid products that are smoked for their psychoactive
effects. Information on the user population in the U.S. is limited. 5FAEB abuse is not monitored by any national drug abuse surveys. Poison control centers continue to report adverse health effects in response to the abuse of synthetic
cannabinoids and this abuse is both a public health and safety concern. Serious adverse effects have been reported following the use of 5F-AEB. 5F-AEB for sale.  Shop with us today

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5f-aeb-2201 For Sale Online

5F-AEB is a positional isomer of 5F-ADB (methyl 2-(1-(5- fluorophenyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide)-3,3-
Dimethylbutanoate), as defined by 21 CFR § 1300.01, and is, therefore, a Schedule I controlled substance under the Federal Controlled Substances Act as of April 10, 2017. 5f-aeb-2201 For Sale Online

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