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5-CL-ADB-A is an indazole-based synthetic noids.5-cl-adb-a acts as a designer drug which has been sold online. 5-cl-adb-a is an anl of a amylened 5f-adb derivative in which the methyl ester has been replaced with a amylene.

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5-cl-adb-a For Sale Online (also known as MDMB-4en-PINACAMDMB-PENINACA, MDMB-PINACA N1-pentyl-4-en isomer) is a very potent Synthetic Cannabinoid that is indazole-based. 5-CL-ADB-A is a synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist used as an active ingredient of products sold as cannabis substitutes. 5-CL-ADB-A has no known therapeutic or medical use. In different regions, it is being used and abused for non-medical purposes.

5-cl-adb-a For Sale Online

Buy 5-cl-adb-a Online

5-CL-ADB-A is an analog of an amylene 5F-ADB derivative in which the methyl ester has been replaced with amylene. 5-CL-ADB-A (MDMB-4en-PINACA) has formal name: methyl 3,3-dimethyl-2-(1-(pent-4-en-1-yl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide)butanoate. This substance has a molecular weight: 357.45


When smoked, 5-CL-ADB-A produces cannabimimetic effects like THC. Doses needed to produce these effects are much lower than THC. 5-cl-adb-a For Sale Online


There are no published preclinical safety data available concerning the toxicity, reproductive impact and carcinogenic/mutagenic potential of 5-CL-ADB-A. Buy 5-cl-adb-a Online


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  • CAS: n/a
  • Formula: C20H27N3O3
  • Purity: 99,7% min
  • Molecular weight: 357.45
  • Appearance: Crystalline solid

Buy 5-CL-ADB-A Online. 5-CL-ADB-A is intended for research and forensic purposes in a controlled laboratory for study only and is NOT intended for human consumption. Buy 5-cl-adb-a Online

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